IG Oven & Roll Press

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About IG Oven & Roll Press

The fastest, most energy-efficient ways to produce IGUs, the Oven & Roll Press offers significant energy savings of 50% on units less than 42” (1066.8mm) wide over other IG ovens. With its high-intensity infrared emitters and intelligent control, it ensures even heating across the length and width of every unit with just a fraction of the energy. Three operating modes virtually eliminate interruptions and fit any need. The shape of the emitters and the gold plating direct energy to the seal line for consistent wet-out using less energy, and high-temperature ceramic rolls allows for quick shut down and no warping. Components are located outside the heated section for longer life and reduced maintenance and downtime. Sensors will not allow emitters to energize until the oven shafts are spinning.


  • IGU thickness adjustment for continuous operation*
  • Three operating modes – manual, semi-automatic, or full-automatic*
  • Pre-set IGU recipes for various types of units – optimal heat and speed settings and adjustment for Low-E or other glass types
  • Individual control of each emitter
  • High-temperature ceramic rolls eliminates warping
  • Non-stick press rolls for quick, easy clean up
  • No blowers, for low energy costs and noise levels
  • Outside access for electrical and drive train connections
  • Extra-wide oven design heats consistently
  • Independent automatic dual zone design
  • Operator screen tracks idle time and units processed
  • Automatic idle feature reduces energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Shadow technology energizes and de-energizes emitters
  • High efficiency infrared emitters

*full-automatic mode requires using within the ATLAS system.

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