Sealant & Desiccant Application System

About SmartExtruder+

GED’s SmartExtruder+™ delivers the exact amount of sealant to the right location throughout the production shift. Its precision gear pump eliminates pressure spikes and reduces inconsistencies due to material viscosity, air pressure or ambient temperature. From easy set-up, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting with no downtimes, the extruder provides material savings and consistent high quality. Improvements to this edition of the GED Extruder include upgrades to pneumatic plumbing (for a better response time of the dispense valves) and the ability to adjust parameters (if one of the side heads is lagging or leading) to align the start/stops/skips. Over 15 years of improved hardware technology is incorporated in the new control platform, including new encoder based dispensing that eliminates the need for timers inside the controller, resulting in a much tighter dispense tolerance for starts/stops/skips. Apply sealant and desiccated matrix to within 0.1 g/ft. of desired thickness for improved quality and cost savings, and eliminate fluctuations in the material application from air pressure, material viscosity, or ambient temperature changes.

Standard Options

  • Expandable desiccant matrix application stand w/autowidth adjust and
    3 nozzles (expandable up to 6 nozzles)
  • Automatic servo position controlled conveyor width adjustment and
    applications heads
  • Precision positive displacement gear pumps
  • Color touch screen HMI
  • Calibration Wizard for customized dispense recipe set-ups
  • Standard 6’ [1.83m] entry conveyor and 6’ exit conveyor
  • Computer controlled multiple zone temperature settings


  • Encoder based dispensing for starts/stops/skips
  • New control platform with a faster scan rate and response time
  • User interface HMI is directly coupled with the PLC system
  • Servo position control (width & height motors for sealant and desiccant) is directly interfaced with the control system
  • Side heads have individual start/stop control with alignment adjustment
  • Storage reservoir added to the pneumatic circuit to improve response time of the dispense valves
  • Option upgrade to co-extrusion of sealant and /or dual desiccant dispensing

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Product Family

Extruders & Pumps

Upgrade Options

  • Dual Desiccant Matrix Dispensing System
  • Dual Sealant Co-Extrusion System
  • Expand to up to 6 desiccant matrix nozzles
  • Spacer Cooling System
  • 9′ (2.74m) Exit Conveyor
  • Spare Parts Kits
  • Quick change drum kit