Two-Tone Material

About Two-Tone Material

Adding the new material to custom product offerings could not be easier with this patented product to fabricate embossed two-tone muntins. With so many color and wood grain combinations, fabricators now have another option to differentiate their product offerings. Now you can customize a wood grain or color to match your vinyl or wood product line with a competitively priced material compared to other two-tone solutions currently available. Plus, grid production can be integrated with other steps in IGU fabrication using GED’s WinSystem1® Software Platform.


  • Over twenty combinations of solid colors and wood grains are available for GED’s InterGrid® and ContourGrid™ Muntin Systems
  • UV ink fusion technology passes Canadian fog and UV exposure testing and maintains IGU airspace integrity
  • Stunning visual design of wood grains never before available
  • Patented process speeds production
  • Custom colors and wood grains available
  • Coil loading system virtually eliminates scrap and drop
  • Compatible with standard IGU production flows
  • Can be used with any spacer frame system