Twin-head vinyl corner cleaning system for BOTH frame & sash

About RoboClean®

The first major change in the ideology of cleaning vinyl windows and doors in over 25 years, the twin-head vinyl corner cleaner was designed by integrating automation technologies that have been used effectively for years in markets where high volume, quality, safety and precision are top priorities. The technology? ROBOTICS! This 12 axis robotic machine, with infinite axis accessibility, provides: complete corner cleaning; reduced material touch ups; consistent, repeatable movements; multiple angles of attack and presentation of tools at unique and previously unattainable angles.


  • Dual zone light curtains and ergonomic operator guarding
  • Eliminates/minimizes hand cleaning
  • Meets ANSI +R15
  • Robotic articulation equals total tool path flexibility
  • Patent-pending Star Hub presents tools at multiple angles
  • Robotic arm reach enables tools to clean the square from underneath and off corners
  • Up to 15% faster than current technologies
  • No longer limited to step movements
  • ‘Chatter’ is eliminated on a contoured surface
  • ‘Orthogonal’ cleaning—engages the tool to the profile at the optimum angle no matter the profile’s contour
  • Fully-enclosed and self-contained: minimal exposed cable and moving parts equals less cable wear, and no exposure to vinyl dust/chips
  • Easy access to tool changing
  • Vertical and horizontal pneumatic material clamping
  • Single corner cleaning option for frames less than 20” (508mm)
  • Powered head location system
  • High efficiency scrap cleanout system to reduce vinyl dust on floor
  • Advanced programming for contoured non-linear surfaces
  • Profile recognition

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Twin-head vinyl corner cleaning system for frame & sash

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