Free-Fall Glass Rack & Base

Rugged and sturdy glass handling solutions.

About Free-Fall Glass Rack & Base

The glass rack is designed for off-loading sheets of glass from standard crate glass packs.  Each pack holds a maximum case glass weight of 8,000 pounds and a lite size of 96″ x 130″, and includes side protectors (not shown).  Free-Fall Glass Racks are constructed of heavy duty steel and are designed for either manual glass loading or for use with flat glass loading equipment.

The rugged, sturdy glass base is designed for use with reusable steel racks of Vitro, Cardinal, Guardian, or AGC-style, up to 8,000 pounds.  When used with automated loading equipment, glass packs are easily transported to the float table or an automated loader to off load glass for cutting.


  • Rugged structural steel design of both racks and bases, with a capacity of 8,000 pounds and years of service
  • Designed by glass experts to fit multiple glass sizes and float manufacturers’ configurations
  • Manual or auto loader compatible to fit any system’s need