Lineal Optimizer

Using simple integration, lean vinyl easily adapts to customers “Cut Lists” or “Window Models”.
  • Auto-processes vinyl merge files in the background
  • Two operational modes: “Lineal Cut Lists” or “Window Models”
  • “Cross Batch” optimization pulls bars from upcoming batch(es)


The PC HMI for the TigerStop® and GED linear positioners that allows users to quickly access and process optimized files or cut lists.
  • Seamless interface for TigerStop positioner*
  • Increases yields 5-10%
  • LookAhead configurable for different needs

On Demand Printing Software

Remove label and report confusion by printing your spacer, glass and grid labels and production reports directly from the production machinery.
  • Local machine label and report printing
  • Print only what you produce, when you produce it
  • Manual reprint of labels or reports

File Manager

With simple rules-based setup, configurations, and integrations, File Manager allows each rule to be specifically tailored to meet processing rules, interface constraints and formats.
  • Simple rules-based setup of external machines, reports / labels and GED file conversions
  • Individual rules allow customer selectivity for file, machine interfaces and report and label generation
  • Individual “Rule Management” for unparalleled flexibility