Intercept® i-3

Produce frames using the industry-proven U-channel window spacer design.

About Intercept® i-3

Providing superior thermal performance, durability and strength, Intercept® i-3 makes it faster and less expensive to produce than other window spacers.  State-of-the-art technology easily enables the production of not only Intercept ULTRA Stainless but also ThinPlate or BlackLine.

Not only does the i-3 allow for “Just-in-Time” production in the order required without operator errors, it also eliminates internal muntin grid misalignment with precise notching and snap-in muntin clips.  Produce spacers at a rate of up to 95 feet per minute (8 spacers per minute without muntins) with the absolute fastest spacer production system in the world!  Automatic width adjustment on all elements of the system give you lean manufacturing and flexibility while providing accurate, consistent high quality throughput with no manual intervention.  Patented technology ensures the integrity of the 4th corner identical to first 3 corners, for a consistent product.


  • Allows for “Just-in-Time” production in the order required without operator errors
  • Eliminates internal muntin grid misalignment with precise notching and snap-in muntin clips
  • 10-station material uncoiler with automatic width adjustment
  • One-piece flow design provides a spacer width changeover as quick as 30 seconds
  • Computer controlled production
  • U-channel design for superior thermal performance and durability
  • Integrated software with batch information downloading
  • Intercept spacer design provides superior structural integrity
  • Automatic muntin location punching
  • Touch screen control station
  • Can automatically change from Intercept ULTRA to ThinPlate or BlackLine on-the-fly
  • Automatic gas hole punching of warm edge spacers for single or dual-hole filling
  • Simple graphical user interface screens reduce operator errors
  • Integrated with Intercept Corner+®
  • Automatic remake capability allows the operator to remake frames with the push of a button
  • Multiple conveyor lengths


Warm-Edge Spacer Fabrication System

Upgrade Options

  • WinIG®
  • WinIG 2nd Site License
  • SmartExtruder+™
  • WinIG 2nd Seat License
  • Inkjet printing and laser marking for spacer identification
  • Dual Desiccant Heads
  • Extended entry & exit conveyors