SW7000 Welders

Horizontal four-point frame & sash welder

About SW7000 Welders

The SW7000 horizontal four-point welders are robustly designed for long-term continual use with special features allowing multi-stack welding for both frame and sash.  Multi-level fixturing with independent referencing assures strong, accurate welding on each level and more consistent cleaning of seams. Unique to the SW7000, this model has an automatic ejection system that reduces handling and increases efficiency of power. Heavy-duty mechanical design with fully enclosed ball screws for sizing assures highly accurate sizes for single and multi-stack configurations. It comes in both primary and secondary beam sizes, and is one of the fastest and most compact systems available on the market today.

Primary Beam Sizes Available:

  • 9′
  • 10′
  • 12′

Secondary Beam Sizes Available:

  • 7′
  • 8′
  • 9′


  • Automatic ejection system reduces handling and increases efficiency of power
  • Parallel welding resulting in symmetric bonds with mechanically synchronized weld tables
  • Primary and secondary beam sizes available
  • Industrial PC & PLC provide total control and allow for downloading of batches from office system
  • Capacity upgrade kit for triple/quad stack (components include: heater plates, guards, setting plates and back fences)
  • Full computer control with HMI and download capacity (standard)
  • Horizontal loading with convenience mode
  • Four linear traveling heating and setting plates with intermediate stop positions for notched welding (slope sill)
  • Symmetric weld cycle using parallel welding techniques
  • Machine sizing via local keypad entry or optional full computer control for flexible operation
  • Protective guarding, light curtain and surround fencing ensure safety of operation
  • Long-term continual operation with minimal maintenance

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Horizontal Four-Point Frame & Sash Welder