April 6, 2022 | WinTrax

For WinTrax™, Do I Have To Buy RFID Software Tags From GED?

With several years of developing and testing WinTrax RFID software system, with various tags, we have found specific tags that work best with GED WinTrax.


For WinTrax™, do I have to buy RFID software tags from GED?

Wintrax™ Intelligent Logistics RFID system, provided by GED Software, is used by window manufacturers to track windows throughout the manufacturing process. With several years of developing and testing the WinTrax system, with various tags, we have found specific tags that work best with GED WinTrax. The tags we provide were performance tested specifically for WinTrax and window assembly hardware according to GED developed benchmarks during product research and development.

Window manufacturing requires dozens of products being transported throughout the process. These include IGUs, sashes, frames, and complete windows, typically in very close proximity to one another during transport between manufacturing areas. Improperly selected RFID tags significantly effects their performance and, therefore, WinTrax. That is, multiple units can be recognized as a single unit or not recognized at all due to the over saturation of tags or interference. GED benchmark tests show detection and reliability is significantly impacted with improper RFID tags. This reduced reliability, by using inferior tags, is commonly seen as a complete failure to read, inconsistent readings or duplicated readings. Inconsistent scanning causes disruption for time spent trying to locate missing units or resolve duplicate scans instead of utilizing the solution to its full potential. Therefore, it’s important to utilize the correct RFID components for which the system was designed, tested, and verified to work. When GED provides RFID tags to its customers, it not only gives them access to a consumable product they need at a comparable price, but it also helps ensure that customers utilize WinTrax to its maximum potential.

Regarding the tag cost, GED has found a vast difference in pricing based on the quality of the tags and quantity purchased. As part of our product offering, tags must be purchased from GED at competitive prices based on quantity commitments. Again, this requirement ensures the best system reliability. GED-conducted studies based on total system ownership (including tags), show significant savings in time required to find lost windows, increased understanding of the production flow due to traceability, and the elimination of remakes.

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Written By: Tony DiFiore

As the Software R&D Manager, Tony is an expert in industry topics including databases, SQL, ERP, Microsoft Visual Studios Suite, optimization algorithms, networking and network architecture and setup, and computer software development and PLC logic and maintenance. “A lot of manufacturers don’t realize the potential for software development and growth in the industry, and in the window and door production process.”