GED Expands Product Offering with Sparklike Partnership

IG Experts Supporting Sparklike in North America

Glenwillow, Ohio – December 18, 2020 | GED Integrated Solutions (GED) will be partnering with Sparklike Oy to distribute the world’s first and only non-destructive IG gas analyzers to fenestration products manufacturers in North America. As of January 1, 2021, all sales of Sparklike products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will be handled by GED. Additionally, GED IG Experts will provide Sparklike Handheld calibration and repair services to new and existing Sparklike customers across North America from its headquarters in Ohio as part of being certified as a Sparklike Service Center Partner. 

“GED’s decision to invest in a local calibration lab is another step that GED is taking to continue providing exceptional experience to its customers,” says Ashraf Hussein, IG Technology Engineer at GED. Customers will be able to schedule calibration and repairs to their Sparklike Handheld devices from the GED website. “GED’s continual goal is to provide window manufacturers with the ability to produce IG at the highest capacity, highest quality and lowest total cost. GED’s partnership with Sparklike is an important part of this goal,” states John Moore, VP-Marketing for GED. “Sparklike’s cutting-edge technology ensures that each IG unit produced is tested for highest quality, meaning less rework and lower total costs,” continues Moore. “We are looking forward to providing this important tool to our customers.” 

Sparklike is the industry leader of non-destructive insulating gas analyzers with devices that are developed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland. They offer three primary products:

Sparklike Laser Handheld

Sparklike Handheld– Designed for non-destructively determining the argon or krypton gas concentration of insulating glass units. 

Sparklike Laser Portable

Sparklike Laser Portable – Measures insulating glass gas concentration levels on triple and double-glazed units, as well as insulating glass construction characteristics, such as glass and cavity thicknesses. Measurement can be taken through coatings and laminations. 

Sparklike Laser Integrated

Sparklike Laser Integrated – Utilizes the same technology as the Sparklike Laser Portable to bring factory production quality control to a new level. 

Sparklike devices are used daily worldwide by the leading insulating glass producers, testing laboratories, window and door manufacturers, and building quality inspectors, as well as energy engineers and construction consultants. The devices enable manufacturers to produce products that meet the ever-tightening industry and government energy standards. 

“Around the world, Sparklike partners with industry leaders. GED is the leader we need within the U.S., Canada and Mexico markets to support our products,” states Jukka Manner, CEO of Sparklike. “GED has long-standing, unique technical and business resources to support Sparklike customers. We are looking forward to serving the North American market with GED.”

Sparklike North American sales will be handled by GED regional sales management team. The products will also be available online at

Additional Sparklike support will be provided by: 

  • Technical & Calibration Support: Ashraf Hussein, IG Technology Engineer 
  • Sales Support & Online Support: Michelle Murray, Product / Sales Coordinator 

They can be reached at 330-963-5401, by email at or by going to

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Sparklike Oy is the developer of  the world’s first and only non-destructive gas fill analyzers for insulating glass windows and doors.  Sparklike devices are based on our proprietary and patented technology, which allows the insulating glass manufacturers to measure the insulating gas concentration, as well as glass and cavity thicknesses — without having to break the insulating glass unit. Controlling and determining the gas concentration inside the insulating glass units requires effective and reliable tools to meet the increasing and tightening industry requirements.  Since the year 2000, Sparklike has delivered over 2,000 devices all over the world. Learn more at