April 6, 2022 | Software

How To Use Machine Data To Better Understand Your IGU and Window Production

i-Sight software takes machine data and visualizes it in dashboards. It drives productivity by giving supervisors a view to the production floor.


IGU and Windows Production

GED Software for vinyl windows and insulating glass unit manufacturing equipment provides three types of software to run a residential window manufacturing facility. These types of software are Scheduling Software, Production Control & Analytics Software, and Machine Software. i-Sight software falls within the Production Control & Analytics Software family.

Visualizing Machine Data in Dashboards

In simple terms, i-Sight takes the machine data and visualizes it in dashboards. i-Sight provides a current and historical analysis of production data and material usage, which provides supervisors with a complete understanding of IGU and window production. It drives productivity by giving supervisors a view of the production floor. This view allows for the correct allocation of resources and helps to save on material costs.

i-Sight Apps

There are three i-Sight Apps, which can be added independently or as a package.

IG Production App

The first App is the IG Production App. This App provides insight into GED Intercept® spacer fabrication machines (both the 2.5 and i-3 models), and grid machines (ContourGrid, ContourCross, and InterGrid). Some of the data points include dashboards of muntin and Intercept and schedule status viewer.

Vinyl Production App

The second App is the Vinyl Production App. This App provides insight on GED saws as they cut vinyl lineals as well as welders and cleaners as vinyl frames/sash are fabricated. Some of the data points include reporting of lineal usage, machine cycle times, faults, and data export of production and maintenance information.

Glass Production App

The third App is the Glass Production App. This App provides insight into GED cutting tables including the CleanCut™ 1700 Series, CleanCut™ 1800 Series, and other legacy GED cutting tables. Some of the data points include reporting for managing the glass-cutting operations and data export of glass usage information.

i-Sight Software Features

The features of i-Sight include:

  • Real-time data logging and dashboard, of GED machinery, to keep supervisors in touch with machine production rates, remake rates, and MDI (Manual Data Input) rates
  • Real-time manufacturing KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Alerts (text/email) to maintenance supervisors of machine performance and idle times for scheduled maintenance
  • Production viewers for Intercept® spacer systems, grid machines, and cutting tables
  • Inventory and manufacturing control by allowing usage data to be returned to the ERP system
  • Printed or emailed production reports and graphs for any date and time range
  • Measurement and analysis of glass yield

How i-Sight Works

i-Sight works by connecting machines to the i-Sight data manager database through the console. i-Sight services pull data from the machine QCC databases and store it in the i-Sight Data Manager Database. The viewers provide a visual representation of the data from the database.

i-Sight in a Real-Life Production Environment

A perfect example of why i-Sight is needed comes from a customer that mentioned, “I don’t have real-time visibility of the plant floor! What is my production efficiency and my material usage?” GED Software stepped in and implemented i-Sight in his production facility. The results were immediate. GED’s customer stated, “Now I have up-to-the-minute information about the plant floor, schedule, and machine status including real-time material usage information. This allows me to plan resources better.”

Take control of productivity! i-Sight lets you visualize production data to take action on realigning labor resources or allocating materials to save money.

More Information

For more information on i-Sight please visit our website at i-Sight Glass Equipment Software (gedusa.com) or by contacting Bill Perry.

Written By: Tony DiFiore

As the Software R&D Manager, Tony is an expert in industry topics including databases, SQL, ERP, Microsoft Visual Studios Suite, optimization algorithms, networking and network architecture and setup, and computer software development and PLC logic and maintenance. “A lot of manufacturers don’t realize the potential for software development and growth in the industry, and in the window and door production process.”