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1. Minimums

The standard design allows the system to achieve minimums of 14″ x 11.5″ on sash to ensure every product you make can flow through this system.






2. Even heating

Dual zone heat plates heat evenly up to 4 levels high and are easier than ever to maintain with individually fused cartridge heaters.




3. Configurable Conveyors

Choose conveyor quantity and length to suit your product mix and save space. Quick-replace belts and automatic sizing make these conveyors unique and simple to maintain.



4. Robotic cleaning

An optimized tooling package and robotically precise “orthogonal” cleaning for industry-best aesthetics and flexibility.


5. High throughput

From improved clamping and optimized tooling packages to spring knives mounted to the bottom pull-ins, GED designed the RoboFlow PT to achieve the shortest cycle times in the market.



6. Chip & Dust management

Ionized air cannons and an optional chip conveyor help keep dust down and away from the critical portions of the machine to prevent jams and maintain precision.


7. Motion activated cameras

Four cameras are mounted to record the robotic cleaning for troubleshooting. Add up to 4 more cameras anywhere on the machine to capture footage of real-time operation.