TruWeld Machine labeled with checkpoints

1: Servos & Programming

Provides custom force vs time programmability resulting in improved quality and at faster cycles for higher levels of production.​ Up to 50% reduction in heat and cool cycle times ensuing higher throughput​.

3: Quad Stack Fixture Option

Provides increased throughput or profile flexibility​.

5: Independently Referenced Fixtures

Fixtures on the weld head move independently, providing a more consistent and quality weld, resulting in a better-looking finished window product​.

7: Mechanical Structure

Enhancements to the machine structure reduce ​movement while welding, resulting in tighter weld tolerances.

2: Size Measuring Device

Is used to automatically determine the size of the profiles and adjust the welder accordingly, which reduces rework and improves quality​.

4: Beam Movement

Welder is center referenced – both beams move together and align with the center of the welder, for use in GED’s RoboFlow™ PT automated, robotic passthrough system​.

6: Welder Configuration

Both left and right-hand variants are available for maximum flexibility​.