December 20, 2022 | Training

What Can I Expect When I Attend In-House Machine Training at GED?

There are many benefits to in-house training for operators and maintenance staff. GED customers can expect a mix of hands-on and group discussion learning.


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GED has been providing training courses for GED equipment operators and maintenance personnel for over 20 years. GED customers can utilize the value-added in-house training program to improve their production techniques and make the most of their GED equipment.

When you come for in-house machine training at GED, GED customers can expect to engage in class activities, hands-on learning, and discussions. Most GED classes incorporate hands-on activities geared to assist with the learning process. You will learn about the equipment you work with, and the processes involved. You will learn best practices, theory of operation, and product quality. For machine maintenance related courses, you will learn to operate, setup, and adjust the equipment, recommended periodic maintenance and troubleshooting techniques to ensure optimal machine performance with minimal downtime. You will be evaluated based on your participation in class, completion of written work assignments and your display of competence with the equipment. Upon successful completion, you will be given a certificate of completion along with some GED swag. Courses also include all training materials, use of a tablet, refreshments, and lunches. Courses are taught by experienced subject matter experts, and you will be introduced to other GED personnel including service members who are here to help.

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Written By: Ken Collier

Ken has over 20 years of experience with GED as a Training Manager and Instructor teaching classes to customers in-house and on-site. He instructs operators, maintenance & quality tech and production leads on the proper use and upkeep of GED equipment supplementing the courses by developing “How to” videos which are available on GED’s YouTube channel. Ken has a BS in Industrial Technology Education from Kent State University.