February 2, 2023 | Intercept

What Training Does GED Provide?

GED Integrated Solutions is an equipment manufacturer for the window and door industry who offers training to its customers on the use and upkeep of their machinery.


Outside photography of the GED USA building

GED provides operations training and maintenance training to customers.

We offer in-house training on Intercept 2.5, SmartExtruder+, and RoboClean (RC-2000) training as well as IG Workshops. Other operator and maintenance classes including the Intercept i3, Cutting Systems, Washer & Filtration and grid machines are typically taught on-site at the customer’s facility.

Customized on-site training is also available, such as our focused curriculum designed to improve productivity and throughput. Production Leads, Quality and Maintenance Techs are encouraged to participate in the IG Workshops and on-site productivity training. This is important as these classes focus on “Best Practices” and thus this focuses everyone on the most efficient and effective ways to produce windows.

Why does GED provide training?

GED has provided training for customers since 1995. We do this because we know that well-trained customers have:

  • fewer downtime issues,
  • higher levels of productivity
  • higher quality
  • and ultimately lower total costs

Training empowers operators to take ownership of the machinery; they will experience less downtime. Training also makes our customers more self-sufficient, more prosperous and satisfied with their GED machine purchases.

Properly trained operators understand how the machine operates; what it is supposed to do, and even how it normally sounds as it’s running. They are taught basic troubleshooting skills. This enables them to eliminate unnecessary trouble calls or direct the maintenance techs to the likely issue, thus minimizing downtime. Trained employees make fewer mistakes, which means there is less chance of damage to the equipment from improper operation. Trainees are also taught on safe operations and potential hazards, reducing the risks of injury.

Over our many years of training at GED we’ve had a number of customers come back for additional training. They’ve mentioned how shortly after their previous class they had an issue come up, but because of the training they received they knew exactly what to do to fix the problem. Others have said how they were able to go back to their company and fix a machine that they had been struggling with for some time because of what they had learned.

Due to training, there is no reason a GED equipment cannot last for many years beyond expected life expectancy. This saves our customers time and effort.

For more information on our training schedule click on the link below:


Written By: Ken Collier

Ken has over 20 years of experience with GED as a Training Manager and Instructor teaching classes to customers in-house and on-site. He instructs operators, maintenance & quality tech and production leads on the proper use and upkeep of GED equipment supplementing the courses by developing “How to” videos which are available on GED’s YouTube channel. Ken has a BS in Industrial Technology Education from Kent State University.