March 17, 2022 | TechTip

When Should I Replace Roboclean® Batteries For Robot Maintenance?

Learn how to replace Serial Measurement Board (SMB) batteries in RoboClean® ABB robots for robot maintenance.


Replacing the battery in the SMB Board

The run time and reliability of your GED equipment is critical for your business’ success. This is especially true for your RoboClean® (RC2000) twin-head vinyl corner cleaners. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to ensure you do not unexpectedly lose the rev counters on your ABB robot.

Your ABB robot will only maintain rev counters when you lose power IF your SMB battery is charged and functioning. Here are some considerations for important part replacements for robot maintenance.

RoboClean RC2000 robotic arms cleaning a window frame

Consequences of not replacing the battery

The life expectancy of the ABB SMB battery pack 100-7559 is approximately three (3) years. When this battery needs to be replaced the battery low alert (38213 Battery charge low) is displayed on the Flex-pendant. The recommendation to avoid an unsynchronized robot is to keep the power to the controller turned on until the battery is to be replaced. If the battery is not replaced and power is lost to the Robot SMB this will result in loss of rev counters requiring a recalibration of the robot. Depending on the severity of the recalibration this could result in an ABB Technician visit, leading to unnecessary downtime and costs.

How to replace robot batteries

Replacing the battery in the SMB Board

GED recommends replacing these batteries every 2.5 years to avoid this unnecessary downtime. The battery replacement can be performed by a qualified Maintenance Technician and the procedure can be obtained by contacting GED Technical Support at

Where to purchase replacement batteries

Each GED RoboClean® requires 2 sets of batteries (part number 100-7559) to be replaced. These batteries are in stock and can be purchased by contacting, by calling 330-963-5401 or by visiting The GED Store, the only online source of genuine OEM parts for GED machines.


Contacting service & more resources

If you need assistance in changing these, please contact GED Service to arrange a Service Technician to visit and address this. Instructions are also available on YouTube:

Written By: Ashraf Hussein

Ash has 10 years of experience working in the North American fenestration industry. As the Product Marketing Manger – IG, Ash manages all commercial activities for GED IG products. These products include glass cutting systems, Intercept® spacer fabrication systems, glass washers, ovens, assembly systems, gas filling systems and other associated products. His expertise lies in product development and sales and customer support programs as well understanding IG manufacturing use among customers.