May 10, 2023 | Software

Why Do I Need GED Software Support?

A software support agreement provides the maintenance and support for the machine and application software that you are using to be more productive.


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An industrial software support agreement with GED provides you with the maintenance and support for the IG and vinyl machine and application software that you are using to be more productive. Having this support agreement can offer you several benefits:

It can give you access to technical experts who can assist you with the use of the software, troubleshoot issues, and provide solutions. You can also get priority service and faster response times when you need help.

The GED Software support team has over 120 years of combined technician and engineering experience on GED machine software applications. Without this service, your technical staff would solely rely on electronic copies of GED’s machinery user manuals and/or machinery schematics. A single downtime incident on an IG and vinyl machine without this invaluable service could cost you extended downtime, which is likely to be more than the price of annual support.

It can ensure that the software, for your current GED equipment, is up to date with the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes as they become available.

When you are on GED Software Support, you get free software service releases. GED continually enhances both machinery and process software. These enhancements, in service releases, can improve your production process and are provided at no charge for those on software support. Some of these enhancements are tied to machine features that are periodically added. These software updates allow the utilization of the new technology. This keeps both your GED machinery and process applications current.

It can save you money and time by reducing the costs of repairs, downtime, and cyberattacks. You can also spread your payments over a period of time and lock in pricing and discounts.

GED provides remote diagnostics via TeamViewer. This allows GED to utilize TeamViewer’s QuickSupport technology for remote diagnostic support. The saying, “…a picture is worth a thousand words…” truly applies when it comes to remote troubleshooting of machinery and process software. QuickSupport speeds up the issue diagnosing and resolution process immensely.

Customers not enrolled in GED’s Software Support program are left to navigate software troubleshooting on their own or pay a per-incident charge and software service releases are charged at full price. The costs could add up quickly when items are purchased a la carte outside of the Software Support program. This is especially true if you are dealing with a cyberattack. GED is there to assist with these troubling situations.

It can help you comply with industry standards and regulations that may require you to have a certain level of software support.

Having a GED Software support agreement can be a valuable investment that can enhance your software experience and protect your business. Please contact GED for more information on the GED Software Support Agreement.

Written By: Tony DiFiore

As the Software R&D Manager, Tony is an expert in industry topics including databases, SQL, ERP, Microsoft Visual Studios Suite, optimization algorithms, networking and network architecture and setup, and computer software development and PLC logic and maintenance. “A lot of manufacturers don’t realize the potential for software development and growth in the industry, and in the window and door production process.”