GED Introduces Augmented Reality Technical Service Experience

GED’s SmartVision System offers immersive maintenance experience

Glenwillow, Ohio – December 13, 2019 | An innovator in robotics, automation and software for the fenestration industry, GED Integrated Solutions (GED) has released an augmented reality (AR) solution for technical service support.  The innovative solution integrates “see-through” technology with smart glasses and enables the user to communicate hands-free while receiving specialized support.

GED’s SmartVision System utilizes cutting-edge AR technology and voice-activated commands to provide a faster, safer and smarter solution to troubleshooting equipment and performing preventative maintenance measures, all while wirelessly connected to a GED Technical Support representative.  Thanks to audio/video streaming communication, a customer and remote GED expert can share the same view in real-time.

The immersive service experience debuted at the 2019 GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo this past September, and generated a lot of interest from GED’s booth visitors.  Using a control cabinet with a see-through back panel and the SmartVision headset mounted to a bump cap, GED’s Director of Customer Service, Bradly Duguay, demonstrated the features of the system live at the show.

“With both hands free, workers can operate the tools and equipment needed for the job, maintaining full situational awareness and maximum productivity,” said Duguay.

A high-resolution micro display through a small camera situated in front of one of the eyes provides a clear view of the customer’s surroundings.

“We can see the sequence of events that may be happening,” explains Duane Klinzing, Field Service Manager at GED.  “This provides a video real-time solution of what’s happening and expedites the uptime and getting the machine back into production.”

Built-in voice commands—like “zoom in/out,” “record video,” and “take photo”—make navigating a control cabinet to show the work area easier and helps the GED Technician on the other end of the call provide more accurate corrective instructions.

GED’s Value-Added Services are among the best in the industry, according to a satisfied customer:

“I have been in the maintenance field for over 30 years now.  Working with GED equipment and their technical support staff has made my transition from box manufacturing to window production extremely easy.  The staff at GED is very knowledgeable and resourceful…. They are always on the edge of new technology.”

Among the services GED offers are technical and software phone support 7 days a week, online purchasing on over 8,000 OEM parts via The GED Store, IG Quality Tests for conducting regular, preventative maintenance, and in-house, on-site and online training courses.

The SmartVision System was developed for GED Value-Added Services to enhance the customer service experience for GED customers by offering a more direct and efficient alternative to technical support over the phone.  Duguay stresses the significance and value of adding the SmartVision System to the value-added service offerings:

“We want to provide the fastest, most accurate service for our customers, and this system and software allows us to communicate in real-time with a customer experiencing a technical issue.  We can pinpoint where the issue originated and visually show where the maintenance person needs to make adjustments by literally ‘drawing’ on top of what they see on their production floor—what they see through their SmartVision headset is the drawing we’re making using computer software on our end.  It doesn’t get much more direct than that.”

Bradly Duguay
SmartVision headset on employee
GED’s Director of Customer Service, Bradly Duguay, demonstrated the features of the system live at the 2019 GlassBuild America Expo in September.

This direct approach to troubleshooting has many benefits.  The use of visual communication breaks down language barriers, which are often encountered on production floors.  Since the system is 100% hands-free, the worker can begin working on the machine as verbal or visual directions are given from the GED Technician, cutting down on valuable time otherwise spent on dictating troubleshooting steps.  The SmartVision System and its accessories have a rugged design suited for industrial and manufacturing environments with features that provide many benefits: powerful audio with an audio jack enables use with hearing protection; multiple microphones use noise cancellation prior to voice recognition for noisy work environments; full PPE compatibility means the headset can be used with standard hard hats, bump caps and safety glasses; a waterproof, drop proof and dust tight design keeps the camera and controls protected from heavy traffic work areas; and a full-shift internal battery is swappable in the field, so as to not interrupt your work.

Customers can purchase a complete SmartVision System (headset, system software, and any accessories) through The GED Store at

For more information on the SmartVision System and accessories, visit the GED website at

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