GED Introduces Improvements to Stainless Steel Glass Washer

A Revolutionary New Glass Washer Design to the Industry

Twinsburg, OH ⎯ November 24, 2003 | GED, the leader in innovation for the IG and flat glass industries, is pleased to introduce a totally new, stainless steel horizontal washer design – a design so unique, it is being patented.

Currently available in 60″, 84″ and 96” models, this new washer offers superior glass cleaning, low-e glass compatibility, efficient operation and water usage and an easy to maintain design. Only GED offers a standard 8-brush design, with complete brushing action in the pre-wash section to power off dirt, dust and Lucor. Reverse triple rinse water recirculation processes fresh water from the final rinse to the pre-rinse and finally the pre-wash section, where contaminants are completely flushed away. This not only reduces fresh water usage, it eliminates contamination of the wash and rinse section, and greatly reduces the chance of plugged nozzles. Water is also conserved during “Sleep Mode”, so that rinse water is only used when glass is present or to keep the brushes wet during idle time.

This new washer easily handles Low-E glass, with such features as: “Creep Mode” which eliminates brush marks associated with stopping Low-E glass in the washer; an audible Low-E detector which alerts the loader if a sheet of glass is placed Low-E side down; and superior brush materials for improved soft coat Low-E cleaning.

Stainless steel and non-corrosive material construction throughout ensures long washer life and DI water compatibility. The patent pending “Super Scroll”™ Quick Clean Out System makes is easy to clean out any broken glass and prevents tank build-up. New GED designed air knives ensure that glass is fully dried and allow 60” wide glass to be handled without turning it.

GED innovation continues with the addition of the AquaSave™ Water Treatment System. The AquaSave System is comprised of two portions: a Zero Use Filtration System and a RO Water Creation System. The Zero Use System is a closed loop filter system which reduces water usage from 5000 gallons per 10-hour shift to 500 gallons. The RO System can produce up to 1200 gallons of treated water per day, enough to service two GED Washers up to two shifts per day.