GED Up for Commercial Development Award

GED Integrated Solutions, Inc. (GED) has been announced by Smart Business as a nominee for the 2019 Commercial Development Awards. ORG Portfolio Management LLC, with Jonathan Berns, Principal, is the property manager who worked on the project.

The criteria for Commercial Development projects are that they must have a physical location in Northeast Ohio and projects must have been completed within the past 5 years or are currently in progress to be eligible for an award. An award luncheon on May 23 will recognize projects that positively impact cities, neighborhoods, districts and even a single block or plot of land.

The following nomination write-up appears on the Smart Business website:

Since its formation in 1977, GED Integrated Solutions — a state-of-the-art contributor to the glass industry — has grown to become one of the dominant sources of equipment servicing the window and door manufacturing industry. In need of a new headquarters to accommodate its expanding operations, GED turned to property manager ORG Portfolio Management LLC for assistance.

Collaborating on a site search that lasted two years and maintaining a commitment to remain within Northeast Ohio, the organizations chose the Village of Glenwillow for the headquarters project. Critical to this selection was not only the physical space but also the securing of meaningful business incentives to meet GED’s budget.

GED faced additional challenges in completing construction by the end of the company’s current facility lease. An impressive accomplishment, the new 135,000-square-foot headquarters was built in just six months. Sitting on 11 acres, it was erected with the use of 50-foot crane rails that required extreme building precision, even in adverse weather conditions.

The project was well worth it, ensuring Northeast Ohio not only retained a strong company but one that is creating ongoing growth both in employment and in opportunities within the manufacturing industry.