CleanCut™ i-3

Dynamic. Continuous. Flexible.

About CleanCut™ i-3

The CleanCut™ i-3 Cutting Edge & Deletion System is part of GED’s Automated glass cutting systems that provide improved quality and productivity.  With a max cut size of 108” x 144”, CleanCut i-3’s dual bridge simultaneous cutting and edge deletion maintains the industry’s leading cycle times and highest throughput.  Plus, GED’s exclusive design gives freedom to delete in any direction and adjust wheel speed for changes in wheel diameter, making it simple to fulfill any customer’s cutting needs.  Get the best results possible for deletion and break out for greater IGU quality.  The dynamic operation sequence software provides numerous options for sorting, including window line, tempering, beveling and laminating and the fastest way to process each sheet.


  • Unlimited shape capabilities with pneumatic controlled cutting head – capable of tight radius cuts
  • 360° rotating deletion head with self-dressing system
  • Fully integrated GED optimization software and other GED Software modules
  • Automated non-contact glass sheet squaring
  • Multi-function breakout monitor with 6 mounting locations
  • Floating cutting head
  • Extra-large cutting oil reservoir
  • Shop floor optimization and easy-to-use Manual Data Input (MDI) that can be re-optimized “On-the-Fly”
  • Fully integrated with automatic glass loading
  • Yield enhancing features: integrated remake optimization; multiple last sheet options; minimum yield sheet selection; filler lite options