RoboSeal with TurboCool™

Robotic Precision in Intercept® IGU Finishing

About RoboSeal with TurboCool™

RoboSeal™, a breakthrough in system automation from GED leverages robotic technology for an efficient, higher quality fourth corner gas fill, close and seal for IG units.

The first fully automated, robotic gas fill, close and seal system in the industry, RoboSeal efficiently finishes the assembly process of both double and triple pane Intercept® insulating glass units. First, IGUs that have been oven-pressed and cooled on a vertical conveyor are loaded into the RoboSeal system. IGUs are then fed into three automated, robotic stations: quick gas fill; close; and seal. The end result is a high quality, consistent, automated fourth corner sealing process.

With the ability to keep pace with the high speed production of the rest of the Intercept line, this system also handles IGUs up to 72” by 100” with glass as thick as 6mm. Harness this new GED technology to reduce overall operating and labor costs and maintenance, improve operation safety, and bring consistency to your IG production floor.


  • Precision robotic controls for more consistent IIGU
  • Closed loop control for perfect quality at every stage of the process
  • A self-adjusting vision system that adapts to variance between IIGU
  • High speed processing equal to 6 double IIGU per minute for a lower overall cost
  • Modular design is configurable to be able to fit your floor and requirements
  • The self contained software will accept IIGU in any sequence and adapt accordingly
  • Spacer pre-conditioning before sealant application to reduce sealant usage
  • Custom designed fastener to reduce air gaps under sealant
  • Integrates with existing GED equipment
  • Utilizes any third party gas fill and sealant system of your choice

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