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Did Your Outsourced Spacer
Supplier Let You Down?

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Take control! The answer is INTERCEPT®

Were you just told to wait weeks, and more likely months, for the next shipment because of supply chain disruptions? Your next customer conversation can’t be: “We can’t make or ship your windows anytime soon….”

GED takes care of manufacturers when others won’t.

The advantages of using GED systems for managing IGU production and spacer needs:

Open-source consumable model

The Intercept® system has multiple, GED-approved suppliers. This puts you in charge of your supply chain!

Output per labor hour

The Intercept® system for manufacturing warm-edge spacers is the most advanced design that provides the highest capacity per labor hour in the industry (almost 3x more units per worke

Made in the U.S.A.

The Intercept® system and consumables used are produced in the U.S.A. This ensures no delays caused by a global crisis and multiple supply chain problems (including shipping and port delays). And GED makes 85%, or more, of all GED equipment.

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Don’t Agonize Over Your Dire Situation

We’ve heard what you’re saying:

“We can’t afford to wait for months upon months for our material.”
“We just got bit by single source.”
“Our customers need windows now.”
“We must pay top dollar for similar material — and eat the cost — just to keep our production lines running.”

We Can Help. See Our FAQs

If you want proof of any claims above, please contact us using the form above – we would welcome the opportunity to help you take control of your IGU products, and at a total lower cost.

Calculate your overall IG production effectiveness

Are you an Intercept® customer who’s looking to improve IG productivity by at least 30%, with no additional labor or capital expenses? GED’s Productivity Experts can help you find a solution.