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Did Your Outsourced Spacer Supplier Let You Down?

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Take control! The answer is INTERCEPT®

Were you just told to wait weeks, and more likely months, for the next shipment because of supply chain disruptions? Your next customer conversation can’t be: “We can’t make or ship your windows anytime soon….”

GED takes care of manufacturers when others won’t.

The advantages of using GED systems for managing IGU production and spacer needs:

Open-source consumable model

The Intercept® system has multiple, GED-approved suppliers. This puts you in charge of your supply chain!

Output per labor hour

The Intercept® system for manufacturing warm-edge spacers is the most advanced design that provides the highest capacity per labor hour in the industry (almost 3x more units per worker).

Made in the U.S.A.

The Intercept® system and consumables used are produced in the U.S.A. This ensures no delays caused by a global crisis and multiple supply chain problems (including shipping and port delays). And GED makes 85%, or more, of all GED equipment.

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Don't Agonize Over Your Dire Situation

We’ve heard what you’re saying:

“We can’t afford to wait for months upon months for our material.”
“We just got bit by single source.”
“Our customers need windows now.”
“We must pay top dollar for similar material — and eat the cost — just to keep our production lines running.”

We Can Help. See Our FAQs

The Sparklike YouTube channel contains many helpful how-to videos for all Sparklike IGU measuring devices. Here are the links to simple Handheld instructional videos:

You can visit our product pages for Intercept® 2.5 and Intercept i-3 spacer fabrication systems to view equipment features and benefits, watch videos, and download sales literature sheets. To request technical specifications, fill out a form.

  • Depending on the configuration for you, an Intercept® will produce 50 to 60 IGUs per person per hour
  • Competitive lines may produce 23 IGUs per person per hour at best

GED’s Intercept® 2.5 and Intercept i-3 spacer fabrication systems, together with SmartExtruder™+ sealant and desiccant application system, IG Oven & Roll Press, TurboCool™ IG cooling system, and RoboSeal™ gas fill, close, and seal system make up the complete line of  IGU production equipment.

GED has recently released the new Intercept LiteLock™ extruder tip for GED Extruders, as well as Intercept SureLock™ spacer locking technology for easy spacer folding.

  • The spacer material is less expensive to source and produce per linear foot
  • The Intercept® system is modular – you add equipment as you need it
  • The Intercept® system is built for high capacity – you don’t have to add an new line to gain more units per shift
  • Typical vertical lines requires 3x the equipment (and expense), 3x the labor, 3x the space, and 3x the cost of the IGU

If you want proof of any claims above, please contact us using the form above – we would welcome the opportunity to help you take control of your IGU products, and at a total lower cost.

Calculate your overall IG production effectiveness

Are you an Intercept® customer who’s looking to improve IG productivity by at least 30%, with no additional labor or capital expenses? GED’s Productivity Experts can help you find a solution.