RoboFlow™ QB

Welder – QB Materials System – Cleaner: the complete robotic vinyl window automation material handling system

About RoboFlow™ QB

The RoboFlow™ QB has three components:

  1. The QB2000, an integrated robotic handling station that reduces labor while increasing quality and throughput
  2. The SW7000 4-Point Welder
  3. RoboClean® (RC2000) Twin-Head Robotic Vinyl Corner Cleaning System

The RoboFlow QB system follows an integrated computerized schedule (or bar code-generated schedule) to orchestrate the movements and flow of multi-stack vinyl frames or sashes onto a conveyor to the QB (material handling robot), and prepares for the next steps of automation or assembly of the completed frame. The QB, in conjunction with the conveyor, orchestrates movements of the vinyl assemblies into and out of the RoboClean (RC2000) cleaner. The QB turns the product around to clean all four sides, as well as removes it and places it onto an off-load table that feeds the assembly or glazing lines. The result is a compact vinyl welding and cleaning system that increases quality and throughput, reduces labor and optimizes the efficiency of the operation.


  • Eliminating frame handling between welder, cleaner and assembly lines for optimized flow and operator safety
  • 4-point welder with the ability to automatically transfer up to 4 frames per weld cycle to the QB2000
  • Conveyors and robotic handling of precision welded frames between frame welder and RC-2000 reduce labor
  • Simultaneous handling of frames out of the RC2000 and onto your assembly lines
  • Integrated computerized schedule or bar code-generated scheduling
  • Fully modularized and customizable to specific production requirements
  • Components can be used together as a total system or with current equipment, providing flexibility and savings

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