3M™ & Silver Line™ Collaborate with GED to Add Beauty and Value to the Window & Door Industry

Twinsburg, OH – March 21, 2001 | Thanks to the combined efforts of three innovative companies, the beauty of beveled glass is launched to the window and door industry using a unique, patented technology from 3M™ that creates the added beauty and value of beveled glass without the added time, weight, risk and cost. Four years in the making, 3M’s collaboration with Silver Line™ Building Products and Glass Equipment Development (GED), brings this exciting new opportunity to window and door manufacturers with the launch of 3M™ Accentrim™ Products.

Accentrim products, available in ½”, ¾” and 1” Edge Bevel and V-Groove patterns are professionally applied either by hand, for existing home or business glass applications, or using an automated machine to apply the tape for high volume applications such as cabinets, windows and doors.

Starting in 1997, 3M market research efforts made it clear that if Accentrim products could meet the stringent application and durability requirements of the window and door industry, the products would be accepted by manufacturers, contractors and consumers.

To help address these requirements, 3M needed a commitment from companies willing to help address the unique issues of the insulated glass window and door industry. They found two ideal partners in Silver Line Building Products and GED.

At the 1999 National Association of Home Builders Show in Dallas, TX, 3M introduced the concept of creating the beauty and value of beveled or V-grooved glass using a unique patented technology from 3M. It was at this show that Bob Peck, 3M Market Development Manager, met Ken Silverman, President and Andy Karr, Marketing and Advertising Director for Silver Line Windows. “It was clear from the start that Silver Line understood the opportunity, as well as the challenges we would face in bringing this product to market.” Said Bob Peck “Silver Line, the leading manufacturer of vinyl windows in the U.S., committed to helping us address these challenges and they’ve been very generous with access to their personnel and production facilities.”

Early in the evaluation process, 3M initiated development of automated equipment to apply Accentrim products. Silver Line recommended that 3M contact GED to help address many of the automated application challenges faced in window and door production facilities. 3M quickly recognized GED’s value and expertise and the two companies have formed an exclusive relationship to manufacture, sell and service automated equipment for the application of Accentrim. Peck says, “We found a terrific partner in GED. Their reputation in the industry and their demonstrated commitment to quality products and service combine to make them the obvious choice to help bring Accentrim products to market.”

“GED is very excited to be partnering with 3M,” said Ron Auletta, President of GED. “We were confident in the success of Accentrim based on 3M’s past innovations. GED’s expertise in system solutions combined with 3M’s product performance ensure a profitable opportunity for our customers.”

GED will introduce two forms of automated application equipment in 2001. The first, available for purchase today, quickly and accurately applies the product in horizontal or vertical directions, finishing a standard size pane of glass in less than three minutes. The machine’s user friendly and versatile functionality enables the operator to create a broad variety of designs on panes as large as full patio doors. By the end of 2001, for customers of GED’s Intercept® production system, a new Accentrim machine offering higher speed production and integration into GED’s WinIG® software will even further extend the value of the Accentrim products to the highest volume manufacturers in the industry.

Together, 3M, Silver Line, and GED have collaborated to introduce an exciting and innovative new opportunity to the window and door manufacturers and their customers adding beauty and value to products for the window and door industry.

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  • Silver Line Building Products call 1-800-234-4228
  • GED, Inc. call 330-425-3876