GED Introduces 1600 Series Flat Glass Cutting System

With State-of-the Art Digital Control System

Twinsburg, OH – August 6, 2001 | GED, a leader in innovation for the insulating glass industry, now has available the 1600 Series Computer Controlled Flat Glass Cutting System. The new control design combines increased performance capabilities with enhanced flexibility for greater uptime and higher throughput. With a maximum glass size of 72″ x 96″ x ¼”, the 1600 provides medium volume fabricators the advanced features in hardware and software which were previously only available with GED’s larger 6000 Series Cutting System.

The 1600 Series uses a Windows® 98 platform with graphic user interface which makes it easier to use, and greatly reduces training and start-up time. A new operator help system includes software help screens, machine status, and errors and how to fix them. All controls are in the PC environment – all the information needed for diagnostics and status are at the operator’s fingertips. As with other GED System Solutions, WinCut™ II software is fully integrated with WinIG® and other GED WinSystem1® software modules.

New features also make it easy to handle the exception, as well as production cutting. The redesigned Manual Data Input (MDI) allows the operator to simply input a lite size and quantity. WinCut II Software automatically optimizes and generates a cut pattern for quick turnaround, saving time and money. Remakes are also a snap with the remake button mounted on the BreakOut Table. Operators no longer have to manually track lites to be remade. And remakes can also be optimized with MDI lites for improved yields.

The 1600 Series Cutting Table offers superior performance. Digitally tuned drives and motion controller are tolerant of mechanical fluctuations without operator adjustment for consistent performance. New dual linear bearings greatly improve stability, dramatically increasing the machine’s ability to maintain accurate scores even as the linear bearings wear. Wear due to running time and ambient temperature changes no longer require tweaking or readjustment. Lighter motors mean efficient cutting bridge operation and reduced weight stress on moving parts, allowing the 1600 Series to achieve a cutting head speed of 3500″ per minute.

GED offers a complete cutting package, including Free-Fall Loading, CNC Cutting Table and Break-Out Table with easy to use sorting monitor, as well as high yield optimization software, Slot Sorting Racks, training, and on-going software and technical support.

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