CMM 2.0 colonial muntin machine rendering
System Software
Integrated with GED Software for
less material waste and more
efficient production sequencing.
Safety Features
Automatic clamping and sequencing,
in conjunction with new PSDI
(Presence Sensing Device Initiation)
light curtain technology, provide
higher throughput and a safer operator
Quick Change Tooling
Capable of punching up to 5
intersections simultaneously, tooling
stations take less than 1 minute to
change allowing for high capacity while
maintaining variability of product.​
Storage Cabinet
Immediate access to tooling or other critical components, such as grid clips.​
Cutoff Saw
Optional saw and locked caging
for seamless, safer integration
into your operation.
Optional Infeed Table
Ergonomic, clean method for
operator to feed the linear
positioner and saw.