CMM 2.0 machine checkpoints labeled

1: System Software

Integrated with GED Software for less material waste and more efficient production sequencing.

3: Quick Change Tooling

Capable of punching up to 5 intersections simultaneously, tooling stations takes less than 1 minute to change allowing for high capacity while maintaining variability of product.​

5: Cutoff Saw

Optional saw and locked caging for seamless, safer integration into your operation.

2: Clamps

Automatic clamping and sequencing, in conjunction with new PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) light curtain technology, provide higher throughput and a safer operator environment.

4: Storage Cabinet

Immediate access to tooling or other critical components, such as grid clips.​

6: Optional Infeed Table

Ergonomic, clean method for operator to feed the linear positioner and saw.