Intercept® ULTRA Conversion

Give your window glass spacer fabrication system expanded capabilities. Run more material, and more variety of materials, with a system upgrade.

About Intercept® ULTRA Conversion

Roll Former includes:

  • Rolls: Special roll tooling used to form the ULTRA material
  • Hardened Encoder Bracket: Prevents grooving by the ULTRA material passing through
  • Drive System Rebuild: All sprockets and chains are replaced. Stands, bearings and rails are inspected to ensure proper operation
  • Corner Crimper Added at End of Roll Former: Applies a slight dimple to each corner web resulting in a positive inward fold of the corner
  • Old Roll Former (Gen 2 only): Shipped back to GED as core replacement

Feeder Press includes:

  • Pneumatics: Retain existing cylinders and add dual-zone pre-charge control allowing pre-charge pressure in the corner and leading tab punch cylinders to be controlled independently
  • Die Tooling: Custom engineered corner, tab, and muntin tooling replaces standard parts to ensure long life of the hole tooling
  • Gas Hole Tooling: Carbide punch and matrix bushings ensure long life of the hole tooling
  • Roller Gibs: Assemblies have precision gapped rollers between which the punched strip passes. Rollers flatten the strip after the corner and leading tabs to decrease strip jams
  • Hardened Feed Rolls: Hardened tool steel strip feeder rolls installed to avoid roll grooving by ULTRA material
  • Old Feeder Press (Gen 2 only): Shipped back to GED as core replacement

Additional On-Site Retrofit Applications

Cutoff Press – On-Site Retrofit

  • Die Tooling: Hardened tooling replaces the standard parts to facilitate proper cutting and forming of the ULTRA material

Extruder – On-Site Retrofit

  • Hardened Spacer Hold-Downs: Hardened tool steel hold-downs are fitted to the Extruder heads to avoid grooving by ULTRA material
  • Roller Infeed Guides: Replace the side guides to prevent premature wear of the Spacer guides