March 29, 2023 | Blog

Colonial Muntin Machine 2.0: Window and Door Equipment

Learn about the Colonial Muntin Machine 2.0 (CMM), which helped revolutionize the window and door industry when GED introduced it in the mid-90's. The new version has cutting edge technologies in hardware and software.


muntin machine


The CMM (colonial muntin machine) 2.0 is the revised muntin processing system that GED revolutionized the Window & Door Industry with in the mid-90’s offering flexibility to the high margin muntin grid production. This tried-and-true system has been reinvented with cutting edge technologies in hardware and software making it easy to change material types on short production runs. Visit our website to see all the features of this machine.


The Flexibility of the CMM 2.0 allows the user to cut and process grids in various profile sizes with a simple die change. Perfect for two-tone and wood grain color combinations that tend to run in lower volumes. With the use of the WinIG software, the parts can be optimized and sequenced to match your production. Additionally, you can cut to length, contour grid parts for external intersection style joiners. Additional dies can be added anytime your product offerings require and can be installed in less than a minute per station.


The system is a post notching process, which produces muntins from preformed lineal stock (welded or un-welded) either through a production schedule or MDI (Manual Data Input) schedule loaded into the machine software. See the CMM 2.0 Operations for a demonstration on how schedules are run, and how custom grid patterns can be made with ease. An optional saw cuts individual or multiple muntin bars to length and then punches up to 5 notches simultaneously in the bar based on the schedule. Muntin grids then may be assembled and hung on a muntin tree or components may be pigeon-holed until they are needed in the assembly process.

Running lineal stock allows quick change over from one type of material to another working in a one-piece flow manner. If tooling change is required, this is quickly and easily accomplished in less than 1 minute per station. See the video on the Redesigned CMM 2.0 for a demonstration of this and many other features. These features are discussed in another video on the CMM 2.0 Checkpoints.

Written By: Ken Collier

Ken has over 20 years of experience with GED as a Training Manager and Instructor teaching classes to customers in-house and on-site. He instructs operators, maintenance & quality tech and production leads on the proper use and upkeep of GED equipment supplementing the courses by developing “How to” videos which are available on GED’s YouTube channel. Ken has a BS in Industrial Technology Education from Kent State University.