GED Introduces RemakeNow®

Twinsburg, OH  August 14, 2000 | Glass Equipment Development, Inc., a world-class manufacturer of IG fabrication systems, introduces another “System Solution” product with RemakeNow®, a WinSystem 1 application designed to increase production capacity by minimizing the time and labor required to create remakes and prevent duplicate remakes from being processed. 

Remakes are a major cause of inefficiency, confusion, and lost productivity in most manufacturing plants. The RemakeNow System offers a much simpler and better way to manage remakes and is another example of GED’s commitment to window and door manufacturers to improve IG Quality, increase production Capacity, and decrease Costs (QCC). 

Through a unique bar code scanning system, manufacturing information for defective or damaged units is quickly and accurately transmitted to a scheduling station where the production supervisor selects the spacer size grouping of his choice and enters the name of the schedule. Within seconds, the new remake schedule is produced and routed to the RemakeNow Display stations and GED machinery. Remake scheduling information is then electronically communicated to the glass, muntin and Intercept IG fabrication areas, where components for each remake unit in the schedule are produced according to the remake production schedule. In addition, RemakeNow provides detailed reporting information on remakes by: 

  • ordering station 
  • by date and time 
  • and by reason for the remake 

To eliminate searching all the carts in the plant when an IG unit or schedule is needed, RemakeNow offers the IG Tracker. Through a scanning process that takes place at the oven, operators can easily find the location of an IG unit by simply viewing the IG Tracker computer screen that displays all the IG units and cart numbers contained in each schedule. This information can also be viewed in report format at any PC connected to the same network as RemakeNow, providing management with valuable production efficiency information. RemakeNow and IG Tracker, from GED, offer all these benefits: 

  • Reduction in remake process time 
  • Improvement in IG quality ratio (number of good units per total units produced) through elimination of duplicate and incorrect remakes that result from human error 
  • Increased production capacity 
  • Real time remake production information 
  • Quick and easy way to locate IG units 
  • Detailed remake reports that help you pinpoint and reduce IG quality issues 
  • And IG production status, in real time, to management’s PC desktop it all adds up to increased revenue and profit for IG manufacturers. 

For more information on the power of the RemakeNow System, contact your GED sales rep or visit our website at 

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