GED Offers New Visitor Experience with New Website

Twinsburg, OH – October 27, 2000 | GED’s web site offers viewers up-to-the minute detailed information on GED’s complete line of high quality insulating glass machinery, including the powerful Intercept® IG System; the InterGrid™ Roll Forming Muntin Machine; the ContourGrid™ System, the only computer controlled roll forming muntin machine that produces precise, shape routed intersections at a lower cost and higher throughput; Computer-Controlled Glass Cutting Systems that offer on-the-floor remake and optimization; and the 3500 Series Oven, the most energy-efficient oven in the industry.

Visitors of the web can also take a sneak peak at GED’s NEW PRODUCT AND SERVICES offerings such as:

  • RemakeNOW™, a WinSystem 1® software application designed to increase production capacity, improve IG quality and reduce remake process time of Intercept® IG units by improving the efficiency of the remake manufacturing process.
  • GED Financing Solutions™, a custom financing solution program that enables window and door fabricators to secure the equipment they need when they need it.
  • The Smart Linear Extruder, the first of a series of quality intelligent machines for state-of-the-art IG fabrication, that provides control, reliability, consistency, and measurable quality performance – from the first unit of the day through the last unit on the last shift.

Visitors can also connect to GED’s Tech Talk page on the web, a communication vehicle in which Premium Support subscribers can submit, at any time, software features they would like to have included in future WinSystem 1® software upgrades. Along with submitting feature requests, subscribers can also view the new enhancements that will be included in the next software release.

For those who want to learn a little about the history of the company or the people who are working to bring the best in quality and service, the “About GED” page can be viewed. Also available are overviews and schedules of GED’s Service Center training programs, where visitors will not only learn about the industry’s largest customer service facility, but register for future training classes as well. Technical support and software support can also be found, as well as numerous e-mail boxes and links to other glass-related sites.

GED’s web site is continuously updated and expanded to provide a constant flow of relevant, usable information and services.