GED Introduces Screen Frame Machine

Twinsburg, OH October 26, 1999 | GED, a world class manufacturer of IG fabrication systems is pleased to announce its newest product addition – the Screen Frame Machine, a roll forming machine for manufacturing window and patio door screen frames. Utilizing flat, .021”, thick pre-painted, coiled aluminum strip material, the Screen Frame Machine produces high precision cut to length screen bar with +/- .010” cut-to-cut accuracy, +/- .005” height accuracy, and +/- .010” width accuracy. Fabricators can expect approximately 20% material cost savings and 20% waste savings with this automated process, allowing custom cut screen frames to be made at a significantly lower cost than current methods.

Based on an average size unit of 24” x 36,” the Screen Frame Machine forms and cuts up to 1,500 frames per eight-hour shift, and reduces labor requirements as much as one person.

Manufacturers will benefit from the organization that this computer-controlled machine brings to the factory floor. Its ASCII data interface makes for easy downloading of production information, resulting in: proper sequencing of frames, reduced scheduling errors and scrap, elimination of redundant data entry, and a much more efficient manufacturing process.

An additional feature of the Screen Frame Machine is its ability to produce the cross brace component simultaneously with the screen bar components for the same unit, resulting in higher productivity and elimination of cross brace inventory. This innovative machine not only offers the option to produce cross braces, but it also offers operators maximum flexibility in choosing the quantity of screen bars required per frame.

The computer-controlled process of the Screen Frame Machine also provides in-house control of the pre-bow, with the end result being a consistent, accurate pre-bow in every unit.

Designed to meet the needs of fabricators requiring high-capacity, high quality, low-cost screen frames, the Screen Frame Machine provides a means to increase production capacity, and significantly reduce both material and labor costs.