GED Introduces High Efficiency Oven & Roll Press

TwinsburgOH – April 24, 1998  |  GED now has available the Series 3500 Oven/Roll Press – the first and only energy efficient, “smart” heating/compression line in the industry. The most technically advanced oven available, the Series 3500 is designed to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, increase up time and save money!  

The 3500 achieves higher energy efficiency through features which set it apart in the industry. The dual zone design saves energy with every unit less than 42” wide. An Automatic Idle feature reduces amperage demand up to 66% whenever units are not being processed. Infrared emitters have higher energy reflectance and the highly reflective oven refractory materials combine for increased operating efficiency.  

The Series 3500 is “smart” to automatically save energy. Idle status and dual zone idle are automatic, without operator action. Automatic temperature control louvers maintain ambient oven temperature without operator intervention. The refractory oven materials require less maintenance and cleaning, for high efficiency operation with minimal costs.  

The Series 3500 provides higher quality unit heating and compression, with features like a digital temperature controller to accurately maintain oven temperature. Seamless emitter banks and overwide oven design mean every unit is heated consistently from edge to edge without hot or cool spots. The digital press height controls assure accurate compression.