GED providing fenestration software since 1988, is now GED Software!

Glenwillow, Ohio – May 4, 2020 | GED Integrated Solutions (GED) has been providing industry-leading fenestration manufacturing software solutions to the window and door industry, to operate GED machines, manage production and save money, since 1988. GED is announcing revisions to the look and feel of their software offering to elevate the GED Software product category and highlight the functions and benefits of each product.

GED Software category IDChanges to the software product offering include the retirement of NxWare, which was adopted in 2002. The new name for the software department and group of products will be GED Software. This product group will encompass two categories: ‘Production Control & Analytics’ and ‘Machinery Software.’ This change will help differentiate between the primary functions of products.

Production Control & Analytics Software is GED Software used in office settings to create and release/organize schedules for machinery to run.

Machinery Software retrieves data from scheduling software to communicate to machinery on a plant floor, translating human input to machine output, and provides schedule and machine statuses back to the Production Control & Analytics software.

According to Tony DiFiore, Software R&D Manager, refreshing the brand identity in this way redirects the focus more on the products. He describes the new organization of products into categories to be of great value. “NxWare’s meaning no longer encompasses our total capabilities as a designer of software,” says DiFiore. “We’ve simplified our suite of software to bring more meaning and relevance to the products themselves. By grouping each product under one of two categories, we’re boosting the importance of the individual GED Software products.”

With a comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES) to tie every aspect of the manufacturing process together, GED Software drives IG and window production by connecting front-end systems directly to IG and window systems. GED Software enables customers to optimize their IG and window production floor with easy-to-use applications that can increase yields, optimize remakes, and minimize operator interference.

“When introduced into a window production environment, GED Software connects the manufacturing floor​, integrates with existing systems​, increases production efficiency​, gathers essential machine data​, optimizes material usage​, and drives IG and vinyl production processes,” says Tim McGlinchy, Executive VP of Engineering and R&D. “We can work with the customer to provide customized solutions tailored to their production needs,” adds McGlinchy.

GED has grown their capabilities in software design and development to encompass RFID window tracking with the introduction of WinTrax Intelligent Logistics System in 2018. Inherent flexibility allows GED Software to continue to conform to production requirements. Looking back, DiFiore reflects on where GED Software started and where innovation is taking it into the future:

It was GED that first brought a holistic approach to production management software. GED’s award-winning, industry-leading software easily integrates with a customer’s current system, providing seamless connections for future expansion. Today, more than ever before, flexibility in a software product is critical as technology continues to evolve and software’s role in automation increases.

​What has not changed with the rebranding is GED’s commitment to delivering quality results, their attention to customer service, and the reliability, support and savings you realize by using GED Software developed by their U.S.-based team. GED has an entire department of skilled software engineers, software developers and software service technicians, based at GED’s U.S. headquarters, who design, test and install GED Software at customer sites. With extensive knowledge in the field, they produce quality products that add substantial value to customers operating GED IG and Window Systems.

GED Software remains the best choice when you want to synchronize every aspect of your operation.

“GED is known as being a leader of fenestration equipment; we want to leverage this strength to highlight our software in a whole new way,” says John Moore, VP of Marketing. “Previously, our software products tended to be overshadowed by our reputable insulating glass (IG) and vinyl window manufacturing equipment,” continues Moore. “But what sets GED apart in the window and door industry is the fact that we design and supply our own software for production and process control as well as for analytics. These software products, along with our automation equipment, allow our customers to manufacture more efficiently, at a higher quality and at higher throughput levels, while also maintaining costs. The rebranding initiative plays a critical role in creating awareness of our capabilities as a company.”

The new brand will be rolled out over the next few months with marketing programs (website, sales literature, etc.), and within the software itself. For GED Software branding updates, please visit

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