Elite Mfg Solutions–A GED Company–Offers Services During COVID-19 Crisis

During this unprecedented time within our country and our industry, GED is looking to help in any way possible with the COVID-19 pandemic.  GED is a full-service, vertically integrated manufacturer.  We have extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise in advanced manufacturing processes such as engineering, design, automation, assembly, machining, sheet-metal fabrication, welding, and painting Not only are we a full-service OEM equipment manufacturer, but with our recent acquisition of Elite Manufacturing Solutions, we now provide and offer those innovative services to manufactures and OEMs across North America.  Whether your company supplies critical healthcare parts needed for devices directly related to the crisis, or if youre experiencing difficulties within your supply chain due to the growing number of manufacturing shutdowns, GED is committed to helping keep our American manufacturing community strong and moving forward.  If your company, or anyone you know, is looking for manufacturing support related to any of our services, please reach out to us.  We welcome the opportunity to help support you during this time.