GED to Remain Open as Essential Business to Construction Industry

Dear Valued Customers,

We are very happy to report that no GED employee has been infected with COVID-19 to date.  We are taking the situation, resulting from the outbreak of the coronavirus, very seriously. The health of our employees and their families is our highest priority, as is maintaining our business’ ability to serve our customers.

We are fortunate to be a reliable, U.S. supplier to the construction industry.  The construction industry has been ruled an essential business and therefore will continue operations in Ohio.  As a critical supplier to the construction industry, GED will remain open to:

  • Manufacture and ship product as planned
  • Answer machinery and software service telephone calls
  • Help keep machinery running
  • Supply required parts and consumables
  • Provide onsite service as required

Some temporary changes we are implementing:

  • No visitors will be allowed without GED management approval.  It is important for us to deliver quality machinery.  We can arrange a virtual run-off using video or live video feed.  We can also assist with the run-off on location after installation.
  • Parts will be available.  Due to the COVID-19 virus, delivery times may be extended.
  • Customer training classes at GED and on-site will be reschedule to later in the year.
  • GED will be minimizing air travel, opting to utilize motor vehicle travel whenever possible.  This may result in slight delays.

Ongoing support:

  • If you have critical requirements for parts, please speak with our Technical Support team and they can assist you with spare parts kits that you can have on hand.
  • GED phone support is available to assist our customers with troubleshooting and should be utilized as much as possible before requesting an on-site Technician.
  • GED also has available the SmartVision System that can be deployed if you are in a hard-down situation to further assist in troubleshooting.

Important contact information:

We hope you and your employees remain healthy and your operations can continue to operate, supplying high-quality windows to the construction industry.  GED will implement extensive measures to update and provide information as we move forward.  GED will maintain regular contact and will work with you to manage priorities and shipments.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this extraordinary situation.

If you have any questions, our supply chain personnel or our management representatives will be happy to assist.

Best regards,

Bill Weaver,

President and CEO

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