CleanCut™ 1700 & 1800 Series

Boasts enhanced speed, updated technical features, and increased throughput while maintaining the options manufacturers want when selecting a glass production system.
  • Single bridge cutting table with proprietary edge deletion head option for a highly flexible system that allows you to implement the system that fits your needs and budget.
  • Programmable cutting and deletion force uses electro-pneumatic actuation to deliver precise amounts of pressure for each glass stock resulting in reduced glass waste due to breakage.
  • New stationary belt drive system has a unique, low-backlash drive design that provides high-precision.

LamiCutLaminated Glass Cutting

Can be used for laminated or conventional glass cutting and laminated glass and glass remakes.
  • Dual in-line cutters with automatic scoring and oiling for laminated or conventional glass
  • Radiant PVB heating system
  • Automatic knife separation of PVB