How-To: Tune the Home Position for Each Axis on GED’s CMM 2.0

This video demonstrates how to tune the home positions for each axis on GED’s CMM 2.0 Colonial Muntin Machine in the event that a ballscrew has to be changed or if the saw position is changed. CMM 2.0 is integrated with GED Software, which will be reviewed in this video. Steps 4-6 of the Calibration Wizard are used to adjust the Home Offsets, adjust the ballscrews and adjust the Muntin Width in order to dial the Home Positions for each Axis into spec. Get valuable, quality training experience on GED equipment when you register for GED in-house training courses. See available courses and register at Contact the GED Training Manager for more information at 440-600-8503 or Want quality, OEM parts for GED machinery? The only place to get them is The GED Store. Shop 24/7 online at