The GED CleanCut™ Family Grows Providing the Capability Of Cutting & Edge Deletion On Larger Glass

CleanCut™ 1800 Series brings power, speed, and precision to IG manufacturing

Glenwillow, Ohio – September 13, 2021 | GED Integrated Solutions (GED), the leader in IG and Window Systems and Software, is proud to introduce its super-fast CleanCut™ 1800 Series to compliment the CleanCut 1700 Series cutting table, which was introduced late last year. Both cutting tables combine patented technologies in hardware and software that truly differentiates them from other cutting tables in the industry.

GED’s long legacy of glass cutting equipment continues with the CleanCut 1800 Series—which, like the 1700 series, includes a cutting only model (1800) and an edge deletion and cutting model (1800-D)—boasts enhanced speed, the updated 1700 series technical features, and increased throughput while maintaining the options manufacturers want when selecting a glass production system.

“Once the 1700 project was completed and we proved out the significant throughput speeds, scaling it up for larger glass made sense,” says Bill Briese, R&D / Engineering Manager at GED. “The 1800 has all the features of the 1700 and allows the user to use a maximum of 96”x130” glass,” continues Briese.

ModelMaximum Glass Size
1700 Series72” x 102” (183cm x 259cm)
1800 Series96” x 130” (244cm x 330cm)


Processing speed is a key aspect of the new CleanCut-family glass cutting systems. Test conducted by GED, using 4 different cut patterns, have shown a 44% improvement in processing time (in an 8-hour shift) over the competition’s “best” table. This equates to 159 sheets of glass processed in an eight-hour shift vs. the competition. Powered by GED software, yields improve by 3.5%. More glass process with less waste per sheet equals more profits for window manufacturers.

Energy Savings

The 1800 Series uses electro-pneumatic actuation to deliver precise amounts of pressure when and where needed for each glass stock in the inventory. This presents a significant glass waste reduction and an improved scoring and deletion quality. New technology enables the redistribution of energy for optimal energy conservation. “The machine is equipped with a state-of-the-art regeneration brake system to feed unused power back to the grid, providing energy savings and resulting in lower total operations cost,” adds Briese.

Powered by GED Software

The all-new 1800 System is another example of seamless machine integration with an existing GED Software family. The machine connects to WinIG® to extract batch and cut file(s) information with no additional software setup. This means less data maintenance over the life of the machine and operations readiness from the time of deployment. Tony DiFiore, GED’s Software R&D Manager, describes the power of GED Software on the new glass cutting system:
With the power and flexibility of WinIG glass optimization, schedules are sent to the 1800 system, eliminating operator data entry errors. This includes our extensive shape library and DXF shape cutting capabilities as well as our integrated glass optimization option—available right at the machine—to integrate remakes and rush orders.


As a manufacturer of IG and window fabrication systems, GED regards safety as the number one priority when designing equipment. The 1800 Series is equipped with a built-in enhanced perimeter fencing with automatic lockout features to prevent accidents during machine operation. The HEPA filters vacuum particulates from the air to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment while meeting and exceeding air quality regulations.
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