GED TurboCools IGU for Quick, Automatic Gas Filling

Designed for the Intercept® System, TurboCool™ System Super Cools IGUs

Glenwillow, Ohio – September 13, 2021 | In 2018, GED Integrated Solutions (GED) introduced RoboSeal™ Gas Fill • Close • Seal system. This breakthrough in system automation from GED leverages robotic technology for an efficient, higher quality fourth corner gas fill, close, and seal process. This technology eliminated the need for manual gas filling and thus eliminated 1 to 2 workers. To ensure continuous flow, with the Intercept® IGU System, and to eliminate an additional person, GED is introducing TurboCool.

TurboCool™ provides continuous flow from the oven through gas fill, and can be used with or without RoboSeal™.

TurboCool provides continuous flow from the oven through gas fill, and can be used with or without RoboSeal. TurboCool rapidly cools the temperature of the IGUs to ambient so they can be gas filled immediately. This reduces work in process inventory, provides for continuous flow and, coupled with RoboSeal, eliminates the need for 2 workers. 

“Although we introduced RoboSeal in 2018, TurboCool was an option we wanted to add to the system to help speed up the process of cooling the IGU,” says Bill Briese, R&D / Engineering Manager at GED. “TurboCool provides a continuous flow from oven to gas fill without sacrificing Intercept throughput and quality.”

TurboCool is the ultimate IGU automated completion system. The innovative system produces a consistent, quality product with less rework and lower warranty claims. This high-capacity system has high throughput and has a superior ergonomic design. TurboCool is the lowest total cost system, reduces labor and WIP, and is modular and scalable with product variability and flexibility.

“Our customers are seeing a huge advantage of coupling RoboSeal and TurboCool,” says Joe Shaheen, Vice President – Sales at GED. “Adding these two components to the Intercept system allows our customers to keep the superior Intercept throughput, consistent high quality with less employees. Customers can achieve 60 IGUs per hour per worker whereas our nearest competitor does just over a third of that number. And, the Intercept system provides a material savings of over $1M per year.”

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