GED Introduces the First Smart Linear Sealant Extruder

Twinsburg, OH – November 7, 2000 | GED, the innovation leader in insulating glass fabrication automation now offers the Smart Linear Sealant Extruder for applying sealants and desiccant matrix materials. The most technically advanced extruder available, the Smart Extruder is designed to save material, reduce maintenance costs, increase up time and save money!

The heart of this new machine is a positive displacement gear pump which insures accurate material application on either Intercept® IG Spacer Frames or rectangular bar. The Smart Extruder provides control, reliability, consistency and measurable quality performance — from the first unit of the day through the last unit on the last shift.

The gear pump design eliminates the need to adjust the machine to changing conditions. Fluctuations in air pressure, ambient temperatures, and material viscosity variations between batches or barrels are handled by the positive flow control gear pump without operator adjustment. The Smart Extruder maintains sealant application to your specifications.

Designed to be easy to operate, the user creates custom software set ups which define the sealant thickness and placement required on each spacer width and for each sealant material used. The operator merely selects the correct spacer width from the menu and the entire machine automatically calibrates to the specifications for that spacer width.

The Smart Extruder ensures that sealant and matrix materials are applied with a high degree of consistency (+0.002″) for superior sealant wet out and lower matrix costs. No longer does material need to be applied “too thick” to ensure minimum specifications are met. Precise start and stop application is assured to within .050″.

The optional QCC Laser Sensor Module monitors sealant application on each spacer for voids or air bubbles. The operator is alerted immediately if a spacer falls outside the user defined material application specifications. Production and quality data are also recorded for later analysis and for use with future GED “Smart Products”.

Intercept is a registered trademark of PPG Industries, Inc.