RoboSeal™ is Readers’ Choice for Glass Assembly Systems

GED’s RoboSeal™ was chosen as the most influential and significant product in the “Glass Assembly and Related” category for Readers’ Choice Awards.

GED Introduces the First Smart Linear Sealant Extruder

Twinsburg, OH – November 7, 2000 | GED, the innovation leader in insulating glass fabrication automation now offers the Smart Linear Sealant Extruder for applying sealants and desiccant matrix materials. The most technically advanced extruder available, the Smart Extruder is designed to save material, reduce maintenance costs, increase up time and save money! The heart […]

GED Introduces High Efficiency Oven & Roll Press

Twinsburg, OH – April 24, 1998  |  GED now has available the Series 3500 Oven/Roll Press – the first and only energy efficient, “smart” heating/compression line in the industry. The most technically advanced oven available, the Series 3500 is designed to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, increase up time and save money!   The 3500 achieves higher energy efficiency through features which […]