GED Rolls Waste Away with InterGrid®

A new roll forming muntin machine from GED

Twinsburg, OH December 21, 2001 | IG manufacturers can boost profits by saving time and material while producing computer-controlled distortion-free muntins with GED’s latest product introduction, the InterGrid® Roll Forming Muntin Machine. Producing up to 2,200 grids per 8-hour shift, InterGrid consistently rolls and forms flat, pre-painted coiled aluminum into notched, formed and cut muntin bars. InterGrid helps fabricators improve profits through:

  • reduced material costs
  • reduced labor costs
  • reduced inventory costs
  • increased production capacity
  • improved unit quality
  • and reduced scheduling errors

Using pre-slit coiled aluminum rather than pre-cut aluminum bars, fabricators can expect to save anywhere from 30 to 60 percent in material costs. On the average, customers currently lose 8 to 9 inches per 13-foot bar due to unusable end pieces. InterGrid’s automated uncoiler roll-forming process eliminates not only the waste from these unusable end pieces but the waste incurred by operator error as well. Fabricators can also enjoy significant savings in labor, for the labor for cutting, notching, and cleaning is eliminated with InterGrid’s oil free notching system and dust collector. Automation of the muntin bar process not only results in a much cleaner muntin bar, but the roll-forming approach employed by InterGrid enables distortion-free notching unit after unit.

InterGrid’s state-of-the-art remake feature eliminates the scrap incurred with the post-cutting, post-notching and handling required to do remakes. Muntins can be remade at the end of a batch or at any time during production by simply selecting the remake button. Designed to meet the needs of fabricators requiring high-capacity, low-cost muntins, InterGrid provides a means to increase production capacity and significantly reduce both material and labor costs.