GED Equipment on Display at GlassBuild America 2017

Twinsburg, Ohio – September 11, 2017 | GED Integrated Solutions (GED) is excited to announce the following equipment to be displayed—with daily demonstrations—in exhibit #3437 at GlassBuild America 2017.  

1.  Intercept® 2.5 Warm Edge Spacer System 

GED’s next generation of the proven Intercept technology compliment to the Intercept® i-3 System – replaces GEN I and GEN II Systems.  Comes standard Intercept ULTRA and ThinPlate® compatible, which increases productivity and is capable of switching materials on-the-fly.  A new state-of-the-art Control System affords operator and maintenance familiarity and includes Windows 7, WinIG® 4/5 compatibility; significant hardware/cable reduction and improved/remote diagnostics. 

Offers improved coil feed and handling; the GEN 3 Corner Crimper; position width clamping with anti-drift monitoring for consistent quality production and quick-release tooling for reduced maintenance time.  One machine allows the use of multiple metal and sealant options, including DSE, or produce single-seal or dual-seal units, and the automatic application of desiccated matrix material ensures maximum performance. 

2.  SD20 Batch Cutting Saw 

The SD20 continues the long-standing tradition set by our original Sampson family of vinyl window fabrication systems. It is a fully automated vinyl lineal saw for window fabrication and designed to allow for cutting multiple tracks at 45° or 90° as well as cut a variety of profiles with quick-change fixtures. The automation system ensures accuracy with zero scrap. 

3.  SW7000 Four-Point Welder  

Designed for long-term continual use with special features to allow for multi-stack welding of frame and sash.  Parallel welding for symmetric welds with mechanically synchronized weld tables; heavy-duty mechanical design with fully enclosed ball screws for sizing; automatic ejection system; multi-level fixturing with independent referencing; designed and manufactured in the USA; industrial grade PC and capacity upgrade kit for triple guard quad stack.  Also a part of the new RoboFlow® QB Robotic Vinyl Window Automation Material Handling System. 

4.  NEW!  RoboFlow® QB Robotic Vinyl Window Automation Material Handling System 

Offered in two versions, frame or sash flow-through systems that coordinate GED’s 4-point welder to GED’s RoboClean® (RC2000) Cleaner with the implementation of an integrated robotic handling system.  System follows an integrated computerized schedule or bar code generated scheduling to orchestrate the movements and flow of multi-stack vinyl frames or sashes onto an x-y conveyor to the material handling robot.  The robot, in conjunction with the x-y conveyor, work together to orchestrate movements of the vinyl assemblies into and out of the RC2000 Cleaner.  The robotic handling station turns the product around to clean all four sides, as well as remove it and place it onto an automatic output conveyor that feeds the assembly or glazing lines.  Result: a compact vinyl weld and cleaning system that improves safety, increases quality and throughput, reduces labor and optimizes the efficiency of the operation. 

5.  RoboClean® (RC2000) Twin-Head Robotic Vinyl Corner Cleaning System for Frame and Sash 

12 Axis robotic machine, with infinite axis accessibility, provides complete corner cleaning; reduce manual touch ups; consistent, repeatable movements; multiple angles of attack and unattainable angles.  Award-winning and the first major change in the ideology of cleaning vinyl windows and doors in over 20 years.  No longer limited to step movements; ‘Chatter’ is eliminated on a contoured surface; ‘ORTHOGONAL’ cleaning – engaging the tool to the profile at the optimum angle no matter what the contour of the profile.  Also a part of the new RoboFlow QB Robotic Vinyl Window Automation Material Handling System configuration. 


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