WinTrax Software for Vinyl Window Production

Never lose another window

About WinTrax Software for Vinyl Window Production

Utilizing cutting-edge RFID technology, WinTrax™ intelligent logistics system tracks window assemblies through the production process to shipment. A manufacturer can see real-time product location as window assemblies with uniquely-encoded tags pass through gateways at each production stage. Gain complete visibility of any window and reduce material, labor and window fabrication production costs.

WinTrax software will give you the ability to oversee your entire vinyl window production from start to finish, inside and outside your manufacturing facility. PLUS, use the new WinTrax™ Handheld device to quickly locate windows on a manufacturing floor, wherever you are! Enhancements to the software benefits the window manufacturing processes and distribution channels. With the introduction of WinTrax Handheld, customers experience the ease of finding windows versus using a barcode scanner.

Leave no window behind with the new WinTrax™ Intelligent Logistics system from GED. Locate and monitor your vinyl window products as they travel inside your manufacturing facility…and beyond!



  • Remote tag reading—no line of sight required
  • Each window uniquely identified
  • Labels can be printed & encoded at point of use
  • Economical consumable costs
  • WinTrax Gateways actively scan to show last known location for each window
  • Configurable to your plant layout
  • Know when a product does not follow proper process sequence
  • WinTrax can either be used independently or with other GED Software products for window fabrication equipment
  • Gateways read multiple labels instantaneously
  • Gain insight into your manufacturing process