What is Better Than 14 Servos? 15 Servos!

Since 2004, GED has expanded on the legacy of Sampson and in 2021 GED is introducing the next generation welder – TruWeld™.

The Industry’s Leading Twin-Head Vinyl Cleaning System Line is Expanding!

GED is now offering the same great product but in a dedicated sash version – RoboClean RC2000-S.

GED Introduces the SIGMA™ Automated Welding and Cleaning System

The fastest, most compact system available Twinsburg, OH – May 4, 2006 | GED Integrated Solutions announces the availability of the SIGMA automated welding and cleaning system, capable of producing three frames every two minutes with one operator. The SIGMA system is also the most compact system available, occupying 30 percent less space than competitive […]