Colonial Muntin Machine 2.0: Window and Door Equipment

WHAT IS THE COLONIAL MUTIN MACHINE 2.0 (CMM)? The CMM (colonial muntin machine) 2.0 is the revised muntin processing system that GED revolutionized the Window & Door Industry with in the mid-90’s offering flexibility to the high margin muntin grid production. This tried-and-true system has been reinvented with cutting edge technologies in hardware and software […]

Why Is Insulating Glass (IG) Machinery Maintenance & Operations Training Critical To Success?

WHY WOULD I SEND A MAINTENANCE PERSON TO GED FOR TRAINING? Maintenance is a “hands-on” business, and most techs learn best by diving in and working on a piece of insulating glass machinery. When a machine breaks down, it is imperative that it gets repaired quickly and correctly to avoid additional downtime. The advantage of […]

What Training Does GED Provide?

GED provides operations training and maintenance training to customers. We offer in-house training on Intercept 2.5, SmartExtruder+, and RoboClean (RC-2000) training as well as IG Workshops. Other operator and maintenance classes including the Intercept i3, Cutting Systems, Washer & Filtration and grid machines are typically taught on-site at the customer’s facility. Customized on-site training is […]

What Can I Expect When I Attend In-House Machine Training at GED?

GED has been providing training courses for GED equipment operators and maintenance personnel for over 20 years. GED customers can utilize the value-added in-house training program to improve their production techniques and make the most of their GED equipment. When you come for in-house machine training at GED, GED customers can expect to engage in […]